Cook And Serve vs. Instant Pudding

Cook And Serve vs. Instant Pudding Explained

How do you decide a winner between cook and serve vs. instant pudding? Pudding is no doubt the most popular snack/dessert in the entire world, and you can find it in any country. Pudding is not only found as a snack but in some savory dishes as well, and it is an anytime treat that satisfies a deep craving for comfort food. There is hardly a person who needs an introduction to pudding due to its widespread popularity.

Cook and serve vs instant pudding are the two popular choices to make when shopping for a quick pudding fix and to decide between these two, you need to understand the difference between them. The cook-and-serve pudding is often substituted for the instant pudding, both happen to be simple and delicious ways to enjoy pudding.

The main difference between a cook-and-serve, and instant pudding is the process of preparation. Cooked pudding requires boiling the cold milk before adding it to the pudding powder or making it in a microwave or stove top while instant pudding only requires being whisked together with milk, refrigerate, and serve. The cook-and-serve pudding is also thicker in consistency than the instant pudding mix.

Making pudding is quite easy and when shopping for a quick pudding fix, you are always faced with the choice of cook-and-serve or instant pudding from Jell- O. The two products have been long-standing favorites and if you are confused about which is the best, read on to understand them and how to make each as well.

What is Cook And Serve Pudding?

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Cook and serve is a French vanilla pudding and happen to be one of the most popular type of pudding you can get the powder mix at the store or make it in the comfort of your home. Cook-and-serve pudding is made with real milk, eggs, and flour.

Cook and serve is meant to be used in place of the instant mix when you are baking cookies. It has to be cooked and then serve to be enjoyed, constant stirring is important as well.

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What is Instant Pudding?

Cook And Serve vs Instant Pudding Explained
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Instant pudding is another long-time favorite dessert. The Jello O instant pudding is made with a combination of sugar, flavoring, cornstarch, stabilizers, lactic acid, and colorant. But to make instant pudding at home, it requires dry milk, cornstarch, sugar, and salt.

You only have to whisk it all together and add vanilla bean. This is simply whipped up to give you a tasty pudding without any cooking required.

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Cook And Serve vs Instant Pudding Comparison

The Jell O cook and serve and the Jell O instant pudding are the two popular choices of puddings to go for when you think of a quick pudding mix. These two tasty quick puddings might be made by the same brand, but they differ in their method of cooking and taste. These puddings are a brand of Jell O from Kraft Foods and are classified as a selection of gelatin desserts puddings and pies which have been in supply since 1897.

The timeless flavor that both cook and serve and instant pudding offers, which are what make these two popular desserts long-time favorites. The Jell O cook-and-serve pudding and instant pudding are each great products and all it takes to whip up both is milk and the required time is between 2 and 6 minutes. Here is a comparison table to help understand cook-and-serve vs instant pudding.

Instant PuddingCook and Serve Pudding
IngredientsSalt, artificial color, chocolate, vanilla extract, sugar, and cocoa. Artificial Flavor (With Barley), Lactic Acid, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Monoglycerides, Diglycerides, Less Than 2% Disodium PhosphateSoft authentic texture with a thick, dense, and velvety pudding-like consistency.
PreparationThis requires frequent stirring and pudding thickens as it cools To prepare instant pudding, mix with 2 cups of milk, refrigerate, and serve
DifficultyExtremely easy and fast to makeThis requires frequent stirring and constant attention, so it does not stick together. This is not as difficult, but not as easy as instant pudding either.
TasteSoft authentic texture with a thick, dense, and velvety pudding-like consistency.Instant pudding tastes light with an authentic flavor and not an imitation.
TextureGoopy, silky, dense jelly-like consistency and a gelatinous springSoft authentic texture with a thick, dense, and velvety pudding-like consistency.
UsesSoft authentic texture with a thick, dense, and velvety pudding like consistency.This requires frequent stirring and constant attention so it does not stick together. This is not as difficult but not as easy as instant pudding either.

Cook And Serve vs Instant Pudding Explained

The instant pudding is not the same as the pudding that is cooked and served, even though the name might imply the same. You have to understand that pudding is not limited to desserts alone, and there are also many ways you can incorporate it into a savory dish. A pudding should be simple, light but also impressive. The primary distinction between instant and cook-and-serve pudding is the preparation.

Pudding that is cooked and served is not the same as instant pudding, desserts are quick and easy when instant pudding is being used, this is not the same with cooked pudding. Cook-and-serve mix has to be cooked on the stovetop or microwave, and it must be thoroughly stored, so it can be cooked to set.

Jell O instant pudding and cook-and-serve pudding are both widely known desserts and snacks, you will find them to be quick and easy to make thanks to the ingredient combination which includes sugar, lactic acid, cornstarch, colorants, flavorings, and stabilizers. Cook and serves products happen to have a stronger taste compared to instant pudding.

Deciding a winner between Cook and Serve and the Jell O instant pudding all comes down to how much time you have to make it and also what you are planning to make as well. In terms of affordability, cook and serve is just slightly more expensive, and keep in mind that instant pudding is meant to be served as it is. Both have a wide range of varieties of flavor, you can go with vanilla, chocolate, or butterscotch.

What is The Difference Between Cook and Serve And Instant Pudding

The major difference between instant pudding and cook and serve lies in the preparation, you have to make cook and serve in the pot on the stove or microwave while instant as the name implies simply requires being mixed with milk. You are looking at a little under one hour when it comes to preparing time for the cook and serve pudding, while Jello O instant pudding only requires 5 minutes or less.

Each bite of Cook O jello taste like a dense fluffing pudding with a hint of gelatinous springiness and instant pudding has a similar flavor profile but with the use of evaporated milk, it tends to be more creamy and richer in taste. Cook and serve taste is also more complex and stronger than that of Jello instant pudding.

Instant pudding is also meant to be consumed as it is or served alongside jelly or sweet dessert while cooked and serve and is designed to be a dessert accompaniment and used as a pie filling due to how thick it is. Cook and serve is a great choice of pudding for those who have more time on their hands and have no budget constraints too.

  • Instant pudding takes less time to prepare
  • Cook-and-serve has an authentic richer taste
  • Instant pudding does not require being cooked while cook-and-serve needs to be cooked and stirred constantly
  • Cook-and-serve needs to come down to room temperature before it can be refrigerated
  • Instant pudding mix produces lighter textured pudding while cook and serve texture is thicker and smoother.

Can You Use Cook And Serve Instead of Instant Pudding?

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Yes, cook and serve can be substituted for instant pudding in some baking recipes, and it happens to have a more authentic and delectable taste. Some baking recipes might call for a dry pudding mix and when there is no instant pudding, no need to get a new pack, you can use cook and serve. But keep in mind that instant pudding has less liquid and more thickeners than cook and serve pudding hence it needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Cook-and-serve pudding can be made from scratch, although substitution can be quite tricky with that, depending on the recipe, replacing instant pudding with cook-and-serve should work just fine. Instant pudding is often used as a substitute for cook and serve, and it has all the benefits of cook and serve too.

Instant Pudding or Cook And Serve

Cook-and-serve pudding is made using real milk while the instant pudding is made with skim milk, this slight difference makes cook-and-serve pudding a more authentic flavor, it is creamier and richer too. Both are popular pudding desserts you can enjoy any time of the day, but it is the depth of flavor that matters, which is why many prefer the cook-and-serve pudding to instant pudding.

Although there are recipes that will taste a lot better with the light taste of the instant pudding, it is also a great way to add texture, flavor, and color to your dessert.

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that cook-and-serve has a richer taste than instant pudding. The difference is subtle so whether you want instant pudding or cook-and-serve, just remember that both are pudding that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Wrapping Up

When instant pudding and cook-and-serve are compared to each other, there is very little distinction and both can be used interchangeably too. The difference between this is two popular puddings lies in the preparation process, the texture, and the taste. Some recipes may require instant or cook-and-serve pudding but if you are substituting any one for each other, you will need to adjust the mixing ratio.

In conclusion, your choice of pudding depends on affordability and the time you have at hand to prepare. Cook and serve is rich thick and with a creamy texture, it is more suitable for pie filling, instant pudding on the other hand has a lighter and more subdued flavor that will accompany your dessert perfectly.

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