Whirlpool Oven Feature Not Available (FIXED)

Whirlpool Oven Feature Not Available (FIXED)

In terms of kitchen equipment, Whirlpool is one of the most dependable brands. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for making reliable appliances. The ovens are the most popular Whirlpool product overall, according to many consumers. We are not shocked because Whirlpool ovens come in a variety of models with unique features to meet different needs.

Quick answer: Resetting the oven is frequently the answer to fixing this issue when your oven displays it. What the reset does is disconnect the oven from the power and by doing this, some minor issues will be fixed. Before looking to any other solution, we first recommend that you reset the oven, and this might get it back your appliance back to the default setting.

To reset the power, all you need to do is turn off the oven, by disconnecting the circuit breaker for some time. Wait for about 5 minutes and then turn on the circuit breaker. Once the oven is back on, you can continue with whatever function you need to use.

You can also reset the oven by removing the power cord from the power source. Your oven will be back to normal when this is done.

We recently learned that when consumers select a cooking option on a Whirlpool oven, the message “feature not available” will occasionally appear. This is a typical issue for many who use Whirlpool ovens. Do you have the same problem?

Like you, many need information on what to do if their oven brings this up. Here is all we know about how to fix it.

Whirlpool Oven Feature Not Available Possible Solutions

We expect that your oven will begin to work properly when this is done. However, if your oven still shows “oven feature not available,” is there something else to do? Yes. There are more solutions to try out. We have compiled them below.

1. Control Lock Feature

A “feature not available” error could result from the oven’s control lock feature. Before consulting a technician, you should check on the control lock button. If it is enabled, you will not be able to make use of the cooking function on your oven. If it is enabled, press the button for three seconds, this will reset the feature. Once this is done, you can begin to use your cooking feature again.

2. Sensor

Ovens made by whirlpool are designed with advanced technologies. These ovens have sensors that send messages across the oven and especially to the control board. An error of “feature not available” could be an indication that there is a problem with the sensors on the control board.

If you are familiar with electrical appliances, then you will be able to fix this. However, if you have no experience with electrical appliances, we suggest you consult an electrician to help you out.

3. Door

Whirlpool ovens are quite security conscious. Some of your cooking functions will not work if some parts of the ovens are open or enabled. If your oven is showing “feature not available” you might want to check that your door is properly closed.

There might be a problem with the oven door that needs to be fixed. The most common problem with oven doors is grease build-up. If this has happened, all you need to do is clean the door properly and your oven’s door will be back to normal.

4. Pre-Heating

Before you begin your cooking activities, some oven requires some time to pre-heat before you start. If you try to use a cooking function while the oven is pre-heating, there is a tendency that it will bring up the “feature not available” error. We suggest that you wait until your oven is properly pre-heated before you select any function.

5. Control Board

The control board in an oven is an important part. It is responsible for sending power to the different parts of the oven. A problem may have occurred with the control board if you get the message” feature not available”. Although repairing the control board is an option, it isn’t the best and most reliable option.

Your control board may still develop problems sooner than you expect. To solve this, you should remove the faulty control board and replace it with another one. we suggest you contact an electrician to help in removing and replacing the board.

Final Thoughts

After trying everything listed above and experiencing the “feature not available” issue nonetheless, we advise that you speak with a technician for assistance. If the oven is still covered by the warranty, you may return it.

Given that Whirlpool makes some of the most sophisticated and high-quality ovens available, we are confident that you won’t have too much trouble fixing this issue.

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