Websites to Find Vegetarian Recipes

40 Websites to Find Vegetarian Recipes In 2023

What high-quality vegetarian website should you be following? Having a list of easy and quick vegetarian dishes that hits the spot every time will require following websites that get creative every time and bring you the best of these dishes.

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian, we had to turn to blogs for recipe inspiration and nutrition advice constantly however, this will be lots easier if you know what website to turn to.

Vegetarian diets tend to vary, and staying on this plant-based diet often requires having handy tips and knowing what food blog bloggers are suited for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner classification. Food bloggers are always up for the challenge, and vegetarian food bloggers are no exception; they always provide global foods with diverse flavors.

Tapping into vegetarian blogs is the perfect way to get great and unique recipes. Even when you are in the mood for quick and simple dishes, you can always find something suiting for your vegetarian diet.

Some popular vegetarian websites out there will blow you away with the recipes they have to offer. These food bloggers take vegetarian dishes to a whole new level; this plant-based diet can be so much fun when there are top food-based bloggers to work with. So, here are the list of the best most popular vegetarian websites and some of their best recipes.

1. The First Mess

The First Mess is a popular blog for its simple yet unique vegetarian recipes. This website is started by Laura Wright, a vegan cookbook author and recipe developer who has been a food blogger for 10 years. Her site includes many amazing vegetarian recipes, and her cookbook is filled with many easy and fascinating dishes.


30-minute easy lentil bolognese
Source: The First Mess

She features vegetarian soups, desserts, span dishes, snacks, and many more. However, one of our favorite vegetarian recipes from her is the 30-minute easy lentil bolognese. This is luscious, meaty, and clings perfectly to rigatoni pasta; it’s a hearty dinner every vegetarian needs.

2. The Conscientious Eater

The Conscientious Eater is another popular and excellent vegetarian blog. Whether you are fully vegan, on a plant-based diet or you are plant biased, this website has recipes tailored to your diet plan.


Vegan Massaman Curry!
Image: @Theconscientiouseater // Instagram

If you do love curry then you are going to love this 1 pot Vegan Massaman Curry! It is a cool recipe that anyone can enjoy, it is made with potatoes, veggies, and a non-spicy rich sauce. The recipe is one that the whole family can enjoy.

3. Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is a blog that offers a collection of plant-based recipes; the founder of this website is Sadie Badiei who also offers nutrition articles and videos.


vegan okonomiyaki
Source: Pick Up Limes

The variation of this dish can be found throughout Japan and is found to be a great savory dish for the vegan diet. This is a savory Japanese pancake that is loaded with cabbage, meat, seafood grated yam, and even noodles. This vegan version is one you are going to enjoy.

4. Sweet Potato Soul

The next amazing vegetarian website is the Sweet Potato Soul which is founded by Jenne Claiborne. Her vegan recipe blog moves beyond potatoes even though that was what kick-started it. She features a healthy and delicious array of vegetarian recipes.


Black Eyed Pea Salad
Source: Sweet Potato Soul

The Black Eyed Peas salad happens to be the perfect protein-rich recipe for vegetarians. It is easy to make and can be enjoyed as a side dish, as a leafy salad, dip, toast, or even on its own.

5. Love And Lemons

Jeanine Donofrio is the founder of Love and Lemons, this is a website that offers you healthy, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes that cut across any time of the day. This website offers amazing easy-to-follow recipes your whole family will love.


lemon poppy seed muffins
Source: Love And Lemon

This is the perfect treat for relaxing after a long week. This lemon poppy seed muffin is bursting with a bright citrus flavor.

6. Vegetarian Mamma Blog

The Vegetarian Mamma blog is founded by Cindy, she makes easy vegetarian and vegan recipes that everyone can enjoy. You can always find recipes made with instant pots, air fryers, and more on her website. Also, you can find perfect gluten-free recipes that are suitable for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.


air fryer fried rice vegetarian mamma
Source: vegetarian mamma

This air fryer-fried rice will have you salivating even before it’s ready. There is minimal to no work required to make this while being a simply delicious dish you can enjoy for dinner or even breakfast.

7. Eat With Clarity

Eat With Clarity website has recipes that are tailored to all kinds of healthy eating and lifestyle. This website is founded by Claire, who is a food photographer, recipe developer, and food blogger in Austin Texas. She also offers beginners a guide to plant-based eating.


Gluten Free Pizza Dough
Source: Eat With Clarity

This is one delicious gluten-free pizza dough you will enjoy. It requires no kneading and tastes just like the regular pizza crust. Thanks to the special blends of flours which combined perfectly and made this pizza moist, sturdy, and chewy with crispy pizza crust.

Cookie and Kate is a whole foods and vegetarian blog. It offers a wide range of healthy vegetarian recipes and whole foods as well. It is dedicated to bringing real whole foods back to the table while also making vegetarian dishes delicious.


Thai Green Curry with Spring Vegetables
Source: cookieandkate

Want a delicious vegetarian recipe to impress your family? Thai Green Curry with Spring Vegetables is a perfect weeknight dinner, it is full of flavor and lots easier to make. This is a very healthy vegetarian recipe that gives that perfect curry kick.

9. Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen is a vegan website well known for its awesome baking and soups recipes. The brainchild behind Lazy Cat Kitchen is Ania and her husband Duncan, but the face of the blog remains their cute furry baby. The site has exciting new vegetarian/vegan recipes every week.


Vegetarian Wellington
Source: Lazy Cat Kitchen

You will find this vegetarian Wellington exciting and delicious at the same time. The recipe is very easy to follow.

10.  Gourmandelle

Gourmandelle is another website that offers you vegan and vegetarian recipes. The blog is authored by Ruxandra Micu who not only features healthy recipes but also free vegetarian meal plans and gardening tips as well. You can always find a cooking recipe inspiration whether you are a vegetarian or simply an avid lover of veggie-centric dishes.


Japanese Curry – Vegetarian
Source: Gourmandelle

The Japanese Curry – Vegetarian happen to be one vegetarian recipe that stood out. It is a new recipe but one that is mouth-watering and can spice up your dinner game.

11. The Korean Vegan

Joanne Lee Molinaro started this blog in 2016 which is shortly after adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. She creates traditional Korean meals using plant-based ingredients, and she skillfully vegansizes Korean dishes and has a dedicated section of gluten-free recipes. This website has an array of interesting vegetarian recipes.


Source: The Korean Vegan

This Spicy & Crunchy Garlic Tofu will have you choosing it over the regular tofu dish. This spicy, crunchy as the name implies and also makes the perfect weeknight dinner to impress your family with.

12. The Wimpy Vegetarian

Here is another website that offers mostly vegetarian recipes and provides a cookbook as well to help with better meal planning. Most of the recipes shared feature meat as a condiment, if at all and there are also tips for omnivores. Following a website like this can make your vegetarian lifestyle and meal planning a lot easier.


Source: The Wimpy Vegetarian

This Vegetarian Irish stew is made with 2 kinds of mushrooms to give you a greater depth of flavor. This can be enjoyed as a side and main dish.

13. Oh, My Veggies

Oh, My Veggies is another popular blog that focuses on making easy vegetarian dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients. This website is founded by Nicole Malik who is also the author of the popular vegan cookbook which is known as Weeknight, One-Pot Vegan Cooking.


Eggplant Stew
Source: Oh, My Veggies

Every vegetarian needs to try this eggplant stew. This vegetarian and vegan recipe is super creamy and works for lunch or dinner.

14. Green Kitchen Stories

The Green Kitchen Stories is put together by partners David and Luise, this is a really popular cook blog with a magazine. They make vegetarian recipes with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruits, and vegetables. They feature lots of mouth-watering and inspiring recipes that can help you set a vegetarian meal plan.


Vegetarian Bouillabaisse
Source: Green Kitchen Stories

Want a vegetarian recipe that will impress your guests? Vegetarian Bouillabaisse takes about one hour to make and it is super flavorful. Roasted fennel is also added for a fancier presentation.

15. Naturally Ella

Naturally, Ella is another website that introduces jaw-dropping photography and mouth-watering vegetarian recipes. This is a whole food and vegetarian blog that focuses on seasonal recipes, produces information, and helps in stocking a pantry. She bases her food around seasonal dishes, so there is no use of weird ingredients.


Arugula Delicate Squash Pasta
Source: Naturally Ella

This is more of a salad with pasta recipe, it is a delicate squash pasta that is unexpectedly delightful and has a chewy texture. This recipe has a multi-seasonal approach such as roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus, sweet corn, and zucchini.

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