Too Much Baking Soda In Cookies

Too Much Baking Soda In Cookies (4 Fixes to Try)

Did you mix too much baking soda in your cookies? Frankly, this is something we have all done at some point, and it can quickly start to seem like your cookies will be ruined, but fortunately, there are simple ways this can be fixed. Baking soda is an essential ingredient in baking, it acts as a chemical leavening, and it actually reacts with an acid to produce carbon dioxide, this process allows your baked goods to rise.

Anyone can make the mistake of adding too much baking soda to their cookies, this can cause your cookies to rise uncontrollably and tend to taste horribly as well. The purpose of baking soda in cookies is more than one, which is why each recipe comes with its own required amount of baking soda, but too much is never to be used.

Also, if there is any chemical flavor that is bitter or metallic, then there is a good chance you have used too much baking soda. When this leavening agent is added to cookies, it releases a carbon dioxide gas which is meant to help create a soft fluffy cookie, and excess of this means you get a hard cookie.

A small amount of baking soda is enough for your cookies but putting too many is a common mishap, so how can you fix this? Do not freak out if you have accidentally added too much baking soda to your cookies, check out the solutions to this below.

Is Baking Soda Necessary For Cookies?

Baking soda, as mentioned earlier, is an important ingredient in all baked goods. However, it is often substituted for baking powder, due to its ability to act as a leaven which helps your cookie dough or batter to rise.

Baking soda actually is not necessary for cookies unless the recipe calls for it. There are lots of other alternatives that can be used.

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The type of cookies you are making not only determines if you are using baking soda or not but also decides the quantity. Cookies tend to rely heavily on acidic ingredients, and if your recipe calls for baking soda and you leave it out, your cookies might come out extremely dense.

Too Much Baking Soda In Cookies Fix

Is Baking Soda Necessary For Cookies?
Source: Epicurious

Baking cookies is not complicated, in fact, it is described as the easiest form of cooking that even beginners can ace effortlessly. However, where the real issue lies is to put the right amount of leavening agent in it. Putting too much baking soda in cookies is the most common baking failure that can happen to anyone. Did you use too much baking soda in your cookies? Here are simple solutions to fixing that.

1. Remove it With A Spoon or Add More of The Other Ingredient

Often we do realize we have used too much baking soda immediately after it is added to the dough so if it is unstirred, quickly salvage this by removing the excess with a spoon or the easiest way is to add double up the other ingredients, although you might end up with more cookies that you planned.

Removing with a spoon only applies to the early stages of baking your cookie, this stage enables you to remove all the traces of the baking soda and try to measure it all again.

Also, you don’t have to panic if you have mixed it all up and you can’t remove it with a spoon. You can add more ingredients to it. Take into account that 1 to 2 spoons of baking soda to add to 1 cup of flour and anything more, you can quickly remove with a spoon.

2. Mix in Something Acidic

In the case where the excess baking soda has been mixed with the cookie dough and can’t be removed, the best solution to rectify this is to balance the taste out with some acidic condiments such as vinegar or lemon juice.

This has always been proven to be effective, it neutralizes the effect of the baking soda’s bitter taste. If it’s chocolate cookies, you can add half a spoon of cocoa powder or buttermilk.

3. Use It to Make Something Else

In some cases, we might realize that there is excess baking soda in it after tasting the cookies. If this is the case, you can use it in making something else.

There are so many things you can make with cookies that have too much baking soda in them, some clever and fun ways include banana pudding, pie crust, ice cream sandwiches, cookie butter or simply throwing it in a milkshake.

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4. Make Another Batch

There isn’t so much you can do when baking soda is too much in your cookies as it tends to alter the taste completely. Too much egg or oil are lot easier to deal with but when it comes to baking cookies especially if you are making them for guests or family and friends, you are probably better off just making another batch.

This baking flop can happen to anyone and sometimes starting over can help you get it better and avoid this in any future baking. Baking soda will not only ruin the taste but the texture might end up coarse and chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does baking soda make cookies rise?

Baking soda is a leavening agent whose purpose is to make baked goods rise. When it comes to cookies, it encourages spreading by raising the pH of the mixture thereby slowing protein coagulation. With baking soda, you get more evenly baked cookies.

Does baking soda make cookies darker?

The presence of baking soda contributes to the chemical reaction of your cookies thereby causing the cookies to be brown. Baking soda encourages and speeds up the Maillard reaction however cookies that are too dark are caused by overbaking.

Does baking soda taste go away after baking?

Baking soda taste can ultimately ruin baking and the taste does not go away after baking. You might have to neutralize the taste by adding acidic condiment such as vinegar and lemon juice.

Is baking soda better for cookies?

Yes, while too much of it can ruin baking soda, it is typically needed for air and chewy cookies. If you want a chewy, dense and thin cookie with brownie colors.

Wrapping Up

Baking soda has a bitter aftertaste, so excess will always be evident in your cookies. Baking soda really is one of those ingredients that can completely ruin your cookies and fortunately, you can quickly double the other ingredients if it’s not in the oven yet.

Doubling the recipe is actually the easiest fix for too much baking soda in cookies although it does mean you will end up with a larger batch.

Know that baking flops are completely okay, and while it’s quite painful, they give you a chance to get it better next time. Baking is a science and measurements can be tricky which is why understanding these leavening agents is very important.

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