Resting Brisket In The Oven At 170

Resting Brisket In The Oven At 170 Explained

What is the best way to rest brisket? Cooking a brisket can be quite tricky, and the resting stage is just as important as the cooking process. However, many people are quite confused when it comes to resting brisket in the oven at 170 degrees. It is a more common method to wrap briskets in aluminum foil after cooking and let them rest in an empty cooler for 2 to 4 hours, but some people recommend resting in the oven.

Since brisket meat takes so long to prepare, it can be tempting to dig into it as soon as it is ready, but that beautiful slab of meat needs to be rested first to give you tender and juicy results. Resting simply means letting the meat sit before you cut into it. This waiting process is quite a tricky one and you have to understand why it is important.

Anything that goes on during the resting period is anything but serious, it is needed to give your brisket meat the right consistency. The crucial reason why brisket needs to rest is that it can continue to cook inside, thereby gaining a more tender texture. If you do not let your meat rest, it can turn a fantastic meal into an unsavory one.

The science behind resting brisket is a bit more complicated, and doing it in the oven can make things a lot easier. Brisket contains a high amount of collagen which is a protein that dissolves during the long cooking process so if you are considering how to properly rest it in the oven, read on to learn how to do this effectively.

Can I Cook Brisket in The Oven At 170?

Brisket Cooking Too Fast What to Do

Yes, you can cook brisket in the oven at 170 however there are ways to go about this, and keep in mind that this temperature may not be enough to make it tender and juicy. Around 200 to 205 degrees is perfect, so you do not end up with meat that is overcooked or undercooked.

Cooking brisket in the oven can be a long, slow process, but if done right, the result is always worth it. So, you can cook brisket in the oven at 170, but after you are done, it is recommended that you wrap it and rest it in the oven at a very low temperature for two hours.

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Not everyone owns a grill or smoker, so if you do have an oven, you can still make that charred tender brisket you want. As long as you get the cooking temperature right, you can get the perfect juicy brisket every time. Here is a basic step on how to cook brisket in the oven.

  1. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, on the other hand, season your brisket with salt, garlic powder, pepper, and any seasoning of choice
  2. Refrigerate overnight or if you are in a hurry, marinate for at least 4 hours
  3. Place the brisket in a baking pan, you can cover it loosely with foil, and bake for 6 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 180 to 200 degrees F for the thickest part.
  4. Remove from the oven and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes before slicing and serving.

Resting Brisket In The Oven At 170 Explained

Resting your brisket is an important stage for tender, juicy meat, and another option for resting it without a cooler is the use of the oven. Just as it is possible to cook a brisket in an oven, so also can you rest it in the oven at 170 degrees.

After cooking your brisket using a grill or smoker, the oven is a great way to let it rest and also keep it warm and moist for up to 6 hours. The residual heat in the oven aids in maintaining the temperature of the meat while it rests.

Temperature plays an important role with brisket and when you are resting it in the oven, ensure it was pulled out at the right internal temperature. To hold your brisket in the oven, the temperature range should stay between 143 °F to 147° F for 2 hours, the result will be a juicy tender brisket.

The resting process is needed to help combat the issue of having a dry brisket, and it is the final stage in the cooking of brisket that determines your final result. First, you need to know that resting gives the juices enough chance to redistribute, and any mistake can result in your getting tough dry meat.

Resting brisket in the oven at 170 degrees typically helps you cook your brisket all the way through, especially when you pulled it out too soon. Resting is essential for your meat and if there is no cooler in sight for this, resting in the oven allows the meat’s fiber to relax, and reabsorb moisture, thereby leading to more tender and flavourful meat.

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Resting Brisket in An Oven

The ideal resting time for a brisket varies, but experts recommend only 1 to 2 hours.

It is crucial that brisket does not rest more than 2 hours as anything longer and the internal temperature may cool down too much, potentially affecting the taste of your meat and texture. If you are also heating it in the oven, you have to be careful not to overheat as well.

To rest your brisket in the oven at 170 degrees, preheat your oven to the lowest temperature setting and that would typically be around 150 to 170 degrees then turn off the heat. Wrap your brisket with foil, place it on a baking sheet or oven-safe dish then simply place it in the preheated oven.

Should You Cover The Brisket As It Rests in The Oven?

You should cover your brisket to prevent it from drying out and to lock in moisture.

But keep in mind that a covered brisket will be less juicy than an uncovered one however choose whether you want to cover or not based on your preference. An uncovered brisket will also cook more evenly and give you flavor, it will cook faster than the covered one though.

Some people also like the visual appeal of a covered brisket while others just want it to cook more evenly. According to several sources, you should cover your brisket with foil and let it rest in the oven, this will prevent it from drying out and also help it reach the internal temperature evenly.

Wrapping Up

Cooking a brisket requires lots of patience, the right equipment, and skills. But if you are going to maximize the flavor and ensure it is completely cooked through, then it is important you rest it properly and the oven is the best option.

Resting the brisket at 170 in the oven is a simple process, and it is a great way to also keep moisture in and your meat would even taste better.

The type of cooking appliance used in cooking your brisket will often determine the temperature and also how intensely flavored it turns out.

In general, the best temperature to cook your brisket in the oven is 150 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to wrap your brisket and rest it for only an hour or two and most importantly, ensure to have a meat thermometer probe, this will ensure it is cooked to perfection.

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