Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking

Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking (Causes & Fixes)

Here are a few things to keep in mind;

  1. There are several reasons why the Ninja blender power light keeps blinking.
  2. The most common reason Ninja power blinks is that the jar base is not attached correctly.
  3. If it’s flashing red, the blender will not work.
  4. Always clean your Ninja blender after each use.

Ninja blenders are currently the sought-after appliance that can power through the thickest ingredients quickly. If you are experiencing an issue with your ninja blender power blinking non-stop, it can be pretty frustrating, and you might want to check a couple of factors that can cause this. Luckily, as long as you own the original Ninja blender, any damaged parts can be repaired or replaced.

There are many reasons why the ninja blender power light can start blinking non-stop. This appliance boasts powerful motors that can liquefy and pulverize ingredients in just seconds. It does provide convenience compared to other types of blenders, and with its 1500-watt motor base, it can quickly and efficiently crush frozen fruits and ice.

One of the great things about using a Ninja blender is that it crushes the toughest ingredients without any issue. A blinking red light, however, happens to be an issue lots of people experience.

How does a ninja blender work? Why is my Ninja blender powered on but not working? Can the ninja blender be fixed? Do take note that this does not mean your Ninja blender is about to be damaged but also if this is not addressed early, it can lead to bigger problems in the future. Stick around to learn the causes and how they can be fixed.

Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking (Causes & Fixes)

It can be pretty scary when you are about to blend your favorite smoothie, and your Ninja blender power light keeps blinking and won’t work. Luckily, you can troubleshoot this using some of the causes and fixes we have listed below.

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1. Jar is Not Correctly Locked to The Jar Base

ninja blender power light blinking (causes & fixes)
Source: Miss Vickie

This happens to be one of the most common causes of Ninja blenders not working. The blades in the jar can’t work correctly if the jar is not correctly locked to the jar base and this will lead to your blender blinking red light and won’t start. To fix this, you have to remove the lid by pulling the handle in the down position then you can have it secured properly.

If the lid does not go down far enough to depress the switch then it means it has not been fixed properly. The jar needs to be locked on tightly to the base, you will notice that the jar has a white arrow mark and the Ninja blender lid covering also have the same white arrow mark to help you navigate how to cover the lid properly.

2. Power Source

If you align the jar with the jar base properly and your Ninja blender still won’t work then it’s time to check the power source. The power source can be behind the blinking so you should remove the blender from the power and try another power source.

To reset the circuit breaker box, take all the necessary precautions, such as wearing a safety glove. Locate the electric panel in your home, usually in the basement or garage. To reset, toggle the handle of the breaker entirely to the off position and then back to the on.

There can be issues with electricity that can send the wrong signal to your Ninja blender so to fix this, you should unplug from the power source and plug into another one.

If this does not work, try resetting the circuit breaker box, this is quite easy however if you have no knowledge of how to do this, consider getting a professional electrician.

3. Ninja Blender Needs Cleaning

This is often overlooked but it can be one of the reasons your Ninja blender won’t work and keeps blinking, perhaps something is lodged inside the blender.

The easiest way to fix this will be to remove both parts of the pitcher, and take a look at where they are both joined and underneath to see if there is nothing stuck.

If any food items are stuck or other objects, carefully pick those out and properly clean your Ninja blender. Fix it back and operate it to see if it works.

4. It’s Not Seated Properly On Its Base

Oftentimes we are in a hurry to blend things, so we don’t take time to set the blender properly on its base. This is another common reason why your Ninja blender can blink red light and not work, the Ninja pitcher needs to snap into place firmly, and there is a click sound to indicate that it’s properly in place.

So, do double-check that the blender pitcher is not loose and is firmly in place. If it’s not, fix this properly. It’s not safe to blend with a loose lid hence why your blender will shut off so ensure there is no part that is looking lean or cooked, the pitcher should align with the base.

5. Overheating

Overheating is another common and very valid reason why the Ninja blender power light blinks nonstop. To keep your blender in top working condition, be mindful of when it needs to cool down, and do not hesitate to give it at least 30 minutes before using it again.

When the blender heats up, the red light tends to start blinking, and you can even see smoke coming out of the pitcher, there is no doubt that it’s overheating, and before it could damage other parts of the blender or burn yourself, let it rest before using again.

6. Thermal Switch/Overfilling

ninja blender power light blinking (causes & fixes)
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The thermal switch might not seem like a possible cause of Ninja blender power blinking but believe it or not, it can be the cause. Touch the blender and see if it’s warm, if it’s hot to the touch then you have to keep it out of the switch for a while to cool down and that should fix it.

However, in most cases, overfilling your blender needs to be considered in this regard as well. Overfilling can cause it to malfunction, thereby causing the power to blink. It can further result in lots of things going wrong with your Ninja blender, so it is best that you reduce the number of ingredients you blend at once.

7. Number of Programs

The blinking error code has also been linked to having too many number programs in a short span. The Ninja does suggest that users should run the blender functions only two times in a row so attempting to run multiple times in a row can lead to the blending power malfunctioning.

How do I Completely Reset my Ninja Blender?

While the causes and fixes listed above should be able to get your Ninja blender back on track in no time, the appliance might need further troubleshooting since it’s an electrical appliance.

Taking care of your Ninja blender is essential if you want it to last long but keep in mind that this blender will act up once in a while, that is completely normal.

Like most blenders, the Ninja blender does not have a reset button, so if it keeps acting up, you should consider sending it to the company maintenance department. But you can do minor rest by unplugging from the power source and plugging it back in after 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Ninja blender motor not spinning?

If your Ninja blender is on and the motor won’t spin, this is because you have overfilled the container with ingredients. It is important that you do not overfill your blender, remove some of the food/liquid and try to power it up again.

How long does a Ninja blender last?

A ninja blender that is properly maintained should last up to 3 years. To keep Ninja blenders in top shape, it needs to be cleaned after each use, and a newly bought Ninja blender with high-quality glass could last up to 5 years.

Can you leave the Ninja blender plugged in?

Do not leave the Ninja blender plugged in when it’s not in use. When it’s not in use, turn the appliance off and remove the power cord from the electrical outlet, it should not be left plugged in unattended.

How long can you run the Ninja blender?

One of the reasons a Ninja blender can overheat is when you leave it running for too long. So, do not run the appliance for over 4 minutes at a time and avoid repeated usage.

In Conclusion

Maintenance is an important part factor in keeping the Ninja blender in good shape. Most of the time when your Ninja blender power blinks non-stop, the jar or lid is the issue and just needs to be aligned properly.

But if you have tried the aforementioned fix and your blender light still won’t stop blinking, the appliance might need some fixing.

This could be a result of a faulty cord or a damaged motor inside the blender, this does mean you need to reach out to a professional electrician to diagnose the issue and help resolve it as soon as possible.

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