How to Make Egg Wash For Chicken

How to Make Egg Wash For Chicken

Egg wash is often made for baking and frying and to do that is very easy. Egg wash can include both the yolk and the egg white, it boils down to the application. If you are making fried chicken recipes then you want to know how to make the perfect egg wash for it. Egg wash does promote browning and seasoning and adhesion.

The egg is necessary for chicken, so your chicken looks more appetizing. Egg wash is not just egg and water contrary to what many people think it is, rather it is whole egg, yolk only, or white only that has been whisked together.

To make an egg wash for chicken, combine eggs with chicken liquid, you can use the whole egg or the egg white alone. Beat the egg and liquid of choice, this can be water, milk, or cream then sprinkle the chicken with pepper and salt, next dredge in flour and lastly coat with the egg wash.

Egg washes do not have to be made with water, you can choose to make them with cream or milk. The purpose of egg wash is to ensure your pastries do not look dull and it also acts as a glue to keep two pieces of pastries together.

It is not about the taste when egg wash is made for chicken, rather it is about the coating. So, stick around to learn about the egg wash method and how to make an egg wash for chicken.

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What is The Egg Wash Method?

If you love the crispy coating on your chicken then learning the egg wash method is vital. The egg wash method is a standard process that has been used for centuries in frying and baking.

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There are lots of ways you can make an egg wash and each method depends on the application. You can simply combine the eggs and liquid and there you have your egg wash.

The secret to earth-shattering crispy crust on food is a method known as the standard breading procedure and it involves dipping the food highly in flour before coating it with egg. The combination of flour and eggs enable the food to harden once cook and helps the bread crumb stick to the food surface.

How to Make Egg Wash For Chicken

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How do you make an egg wash for chicken? To make the egg wash, mix the egg with 1 tablespoon of liquid of your choice (water, cream, or milk) in a bowl with a fork until combined then if you are dipping in flour, have it placed in a separate white bowl.

The method of making egg wash can be a bit messy and although it’s not that complicated there are different methods of application depending on the recipes used for making the chicken. Here are 3 different ways egg wash is used for making chicken.

1. Applying Egg Wash For Baking Chicken

The egg wash process for baking chicken is a simple process that provides you with golden brown and crispy chicken. You only need a few basic kitchen ingredients to achieve this. This process requires coating your chicken in flour first then coat into egg wash then using a finish coating such as pretzel flour, panko bread crumbs, or seasoned flour.

The best way to apply the egg wash to your chicken before baking is to use a pastry brush, do not attempt using a spoon as the mixture is often too thick.

2. How to Apply Egg Wash For Frying Chicken

Apply egg wash on chicken for frying, you will have to dip it directly into the bowl containing the egg wash then you can dredge it into your crumb mix. In this process, do not make the egg wash too thick as it is more of a binding agent and not for coating. You should remove any excess egg wash before dipping it in the crumbs.

Get a basic egg wash recipe for chicken.

Can I Store Egg Wash?

Yes, you can store your egg wash in the fridge for two days although it’s advised to dispose of it when it has been exposed for too long. You can store egg wash if you are going to be doing lots of baking over the week, simply have it placed in the fridge and store it in an air-type container.

In Summary

Basically, egg wash is simply egg mixed with a liquid such as water, cream, or milk and beat till it’s all combined. Egg wash is actually necessary whether you are baking your chicken for a more savory baking application.

However you can substitute the egg wash for butter, it will give you the same golden crispy finish.

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