How Long to Smoke Pork Butt At 250

How Long to Smoke Pork Butt At 250

Contrary to popular opinion, pork butt is very easy to smoke or braise, and its discovered that smoking at 250 degrees gives it a delicious texture. No matter the temperature, the end goal should be to pull pork meat that is so tender that it can be pulled to shreds by hand.

When pork butt is done properly, the result is tender and juicy meat on the inside, and in addition to that, the bark mixed in with a delicious chunk of fat makes the effort all worth it. When the tenderness of this cut of meat is paired with how cheap it is, we would agree that pork butt is a perfect option for smoking.

How long you smoke your pork butt ultimately depends on the cut, but the recommended way is to smoke pork butt at 250 degrees for 90 minutes per pound. So, this means when you are smoking 8 pounds, it is going to take about 12 hours. Larger cuts, however, will require a longer cooking time and also, you should allow your pork to rest for at least 30 minutes. So, If you are making a larger cut, adjust the time accordingly.

Pork is relatively one of the most inexpensive cuts of meat, and when it comes to slow smoking, it is one of the top options.

it’s important to understand the internal temperature and how long to smoke a pork butt. With a dedicated smoker, you can create the smokiest, softest, and most flavorful pork butt. Read on to understand the internal temperature setting and how long to smoke pork butt at 255 degrees.

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What Temperature Do You Smoke A Pork Butt?

The best temperature for smoking pork butt whether you are a beginner or pit master, is 225 degrees. However, Cooking your smoke pork butt at 250 degrees is another great way to cook it through and evenly while it still retains moisture and flavor. Smoking pork at a lower temperature, such as 225 degrees, can result in tender, juicy meat, provided it reaches the right internal temperature.

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While 250 degrees is excellent for smoked pork butt, it is perfect for cooking at 225 degrees, it is an excellent sweet spot for low and slow-cooked pork, you have to ensure it does not end up undercooked or overcooked. You should also never sweet the temperature for pulled pork above 250 degrees

Smoking your pork at a temperature higher than 250 degrees will only result in pork butt meat that is overcooked. A higher temperature will not give your pork butt enough time to break down and be tender so you risk your meat drying out.

So, while 225 degrees is the perfect temperature setting for pork butt, upping it to 250 degrees has some shocking and delicious results if you know how long to smoke it for. The tried and trusted established rule is not to go over 250 degrees and track the internal temperature.

How Long to Smoke Pork Butt At 250

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The question of how long to smoke pork butt at 250 degrees is going to depend on how large the cut is and the weight of the meat is also going to play a role. If you plan on setting the temperature at 250 degrees, you can expect a boneless pork butt by cooking it for about 90 to 95 minutes per pound. This is considered enough time to enable the connective and fat tissues to break down nicely.

You must get the time and temperature right to get juicy and tender pork. Pork butt smoked at 250 degrees will come out excellent, this is because it cooks the pork roast a bit quicker while still giving it a delicious texture.

With the many recipes online on how to cook pork butt, each of them offers different results based on the varying time, you have to understand that the time is very variable. Hence, It is best that you judge when your pork butt is ready by the internal temperature and not the cooking time.

On average, pork meat should be smoked at 90 minutes per pound so if you are smoking 8 pounds, that might take 10 to 12 hours. How long to smoke a pork butt at 250 degrees is quite a tricky one and note that factors such as humidity and type of smoker can determine how quickly it cooks.

With all that said, how long to smoke a pork butt varies largely based on how large the cut is, thicker cuts can take extra time to be done completely. When in doubt, it is best that you check the internal temperature of your meat using a thermometer probe.

Smoking Pork Butt At 250

Whether you are using a dedicated fancy smoker or a basic kettle grill, you want to be cooking your pork butt at the right temperature. If you have never prepared smoked pork butt at 250 degrees before, this can be quite confusing, you have to consider components like time, temperature, the stall, and when the pork is completely done. Here is a basic guide on how you can smoke the best-pulled pork at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 1

Choose good quality meat that has good marbling. Then set up your smoker for indirect heat and set/maintain this at 250 degrees, keep a very close eye on the temperature reading as too much wind can cause it to skew high.

Note: 225⁰ is the considered temperature for smoking pork butt, it provides the perfect level of controlled low heat but not to worry, making it at 250 degrees means it will cook faster hence you have to invest in a good thermometer for the meat reading.

Step 2

Add the desired amount of wood chip then rub the pork with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper to create a flavorful crust. To also add depth of flavor, use the right hardwood such as hickory, apple, and oak. These are perfect for a smoky flavor.

Step 3

Place the pork butt in the smoker and ensure it’s not touching any other foods or walls then cook for 8 to 10 hours. Cook pork butt for approximately 1 to 2 hours per pound to smoke at 250 degrees. However, use your thermometer probe to monitor the internal temperature before taking it off the smoker when it reaches an internal temperature of 195⁰F.

Step 4

To ensure that the final result gives you tender and juicy flavored meat, remove it from the smoker and let it rest for 30 minutes before slicing. Target internal temperature of 195 to 205 degrees to allow its juices to redistribute and reabsorb. Cutting your pork butt too soon without letting it rest will cause the juice to pull out and you get a dry cut of meat at the end.

Tips for Smoking Pork Butt At 250

Whether you smoke your pork at 225 or 250, there are some common mistakes you want to avoid making and there are also important tips that will guide you. Pork shoulder is a lot easier to deal with, it also cooks up faster, luckily pork butt is not that different.

To be certain that your pork is cooked to perfection no matter the cut you are working with so to follow the guidelines we have listed below.

  1. Start by preheating your smoker to 250 degrees and you can adjust if needed during the cooking process.
  2. If the fat cap is too thick, the heat won’t penetrate so ensure to trim off the excess fat, it can make the pork taste better and offer insulation.
  3. Keep the dry rub simple. You can use wood chips or chunks that pair nicely with oak, hickory, and mesquite.
  4. Monitor the internal temperature of the meat using a thermometer probe. This is important to ensure that your pork butt is cooked through before serving.
  5. Your pork butt should be removed from the smoker when the internal temperature reaches 205 degrees F.
  6. Never set the temperature above 250 degrees F, if you do, the key is to go slow and low with smoked pulled pork. You risk drying your meat out when smoked at 250 degrees.
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Should I Smoke Pork Butt At 225 or 250?

You can choose to smoke your pork butt at 225 or 250 degrees depending on how much time you have to cook the meat.

The recommended time for cooking a pork butt per pound is 1 to 2 hours per pound, so you can aim to cook it at 250 degrees for 10 hours while cooking at 225 degrees will take longer.

Smoking pork butt at 225 degrees works with low and slow heat while cooking at 250 temps is slightly higher. Smoking a pork butt at 250⁰F is an art that requires the right technique and knowledge. Smoking at 225⁰F is a slow process that is lots easier to control.

Final Thoughts

If you are smoking steak, it is easier to understand how long you get to cook it.

Smoking pork at 250 degrees is a great way to achieve pork that is greatly smoked and flavorful. But with lots of patience and practice, you would be able to perform perfectly smoked pork butt every time.

Lastly, the rule for how long to smoke pork at 250 degrees is to smoke by evaluating the time with the pounds available. Every pound of pork needs at least 1 hour of cooking, so if you have 8 pounds of pork butt, be ready to cook it for 8 to 10 hours. Regardless, do keep an eye on the internal temperature.

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