How Long To Bake A Pizza at 400°F

How Long To Bake A Pizza at 400°F

Pizza is fun food. It brings many people to get her; friends and family. It’s undeniable that it is enjoyed by a lot of people. Imagine making pizza with friends and family, this is such a great time to catch up and relive memories.

Homemade Pizza will require a few tricks, one of such is how to bake pizza at 400°F. If this is known, then the money is saved, and love is shared.  

Making homemade pizza taste as good as pizza from the pizza shop requires a few tricks up the sleeve. It’s a common question to ask how long it will take to make pizza at 400°F. This temperature is high enough, there is a tendency to burn the pizza crust. Many people are usually careful. The question on curious minds is how long will it take to bake a pizza at 400°F?

Summary: Baking Pizza at 400°F will take 8-10 minutes. Usually, Pizza is baked fast enough so the outer part is crispy and the inner parts a bit soggy and chewy. The essence of the high temperature is to quickly brown the pizza crust. The duration is also dependent on the size and thickness of the pizza. This should be put into consideration. 

Baking Pizza At 400°F

Usually, in baking cases and cookies, the temperature varies from 300-375°F or less. The temperature for making pizza is slightly different. A tasty pizza usually has a crispy taste outside and, a soft chewy taste inside.

To achieve this;

  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F for 15-30 minutes. Sometimes, increase the temperature to 500°F and reduce it before baking. 
  2. Set the temperature at 400°F if it was not at that temperature. 
  3. Put your pizza dough in the middle stack, farther away from the heat source. 
  4. Bake for 5-10 minutes at the temperature.
  5. Set a watch to prevent it from burning

You could also put it in the oven for 5 minutes, bring out your pizza and add all the toppings and bake for another 5 minutes. This method calls for a lot of caution. 

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What Is The Temperature Difference In Baking Thick-crust and Thin- crust Pizza?

A thick crust pizza is thicker in size than a thin crust pizza. The size differs too, you could have a thick crust small size pizza or a thin crust large pizza. The size is dependent on what you want.

The crust thickness can also be determined by you. The thick crust bakes longer than a thin crust, both can be baked at the same temperature. The difference is not necessarily in the temperature but in baking time.

The thick crust will bake between 20-30mins in an oven of 400°F while the thin crust will bake for 8-15minutes at the same temperature. 

4 Myths About Making Pizza At Home

A lot of people love pizza and love to make it, especially at home. 

1. Pizza Looks Hard To Make

Pizza is not hard to make. You can make your pizza at home. While there are different types of toppings, the toppings decide the name you call it. You coadd homemade to make it more interesting e.g. Homemade Chicken barbecue pizza. Take a picture and post it on social media. Viola!

2. I Can Put As Many Toppings On Pizza

Contrary to popular opinion, too many toppings on pizza would not help it. This will slow down the cooking time. You can put different toppings on the pizza but not too much.

If the toppings are too much, it will take more time to cook the toppings before the pizza dough. This will either result in an undercooked pizza or burnt pizza. 

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3. Stretching The Dough Over Time Will Make It Soft

Overstretching or over-kneading the dough will weaken the dough. This will be too weak to support the sauce and toppings. The pizza might come out unevenly cooked.

4. The Thinner The PIzza The Better

Too thin a layer of dough before the sauce will ruin things. There’s a limit to the thinness of pizza.

Too thin pizza will not be able to withstand the toppings especially when it is too much. Some people like to eat thin-crust pizza, they consider this when baking. This is good so far, it is not too thin. Once the crust is about 25%, stop stretching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bake Pizza At A Temperature Lower Than 400°F?

It varies when it comes to making pizza. If you are other things, you probably use temperatures below 400°F more often. It is tricky to assume you can use that same standard for pizza. Once the temp is too low, it will come out undercooked with overcooked toppings. 

What Are The Necessary Ingredients For Making Pizza?

Homemade pizza can be made with some ingredients readily available at home.  These include flour, butter, eggs, pizza sauce, cheese, and some toppings. You will make a dough, using flour, butter, and eggs, and also decide the toppings you want. 

Can I Bake The Pizza at A Temperature Higher Than 400°F?

Baking at 400-500°F will work for baking pizza. It is quite common to do this. A temperature higher than this is too high. If the temperature is at 500°F, then the baking time will reduce.

How Can I Make A Thick or Thin Crust Pizza?

The thickness of the Pizza crust is dependent on you. The thickness is determined by the size and thickness of your dough. Then it is also determined by kneading and stretching. The more you knead and stretch, the thinner it becomes.

Final Thoughts 

Pizza can be made in the home with friends and family. It is not as hard as it is thought to be.

Baking at 400°F will give a beautiful yield, crispy and chewy pizza. This article is to successfully encourage you to give it a try. 

Do not forget that baking a  thick-crust pizza takes 20 to 30 minutes to bake while baking the thin crust pizza will take 8-15minutes at 400°F. Remember that the more the toppings, the longer it stays in the oven.

Don’t forget to stay close to the pizza while baking.

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