Do Canned Foods Go Bad In Heat?

Do Canned Foods Go Bad In Heat?

Every canned food is relatively the same in terms of how long it can last. It does not have a definite deadline for consumption, provided that they are kept in favorable conditions. The primary and best thing to do for any canned food is to store them in a cool, dry place.

However, things happen, and they may end up in the heat; for instance, what would become of your favorite canned foods if there is a heatwave? Will they go bad?

Quick answer: Yes, heat is one of those things to be wary of with canned food, as they are most likely to go bad rapidly when left to sit out in a high temperature.

Whatever variety your canned food falls into, it is best to remember that heat is a foe to all canned foods. Make it a priority to keep all kinds of canned away from heat and store them at a temperature not higher than 90 degrees F; better still, it is best to keep them in an environment 70 degrees or below.

What Happens When Canned Foods Are Left In Heat?

Leaving canned food in a high temperature above 100 degrees F for a prolonged period is of no good as it can limit the shelf life of the food, especially for canned foods like canned tomatoes that are high in acid. After sitting in such unfavorable conditions for too long, canned food would lose quality in taste and texture.

Canned foods are usually less enjoyable after a long time in the heat; the color of the canned food will begin to change when exposed to heat, and nutrient loss will occur. Eventually, they will get spoilt. This is why heat is considered an enemy of canned foods.

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Canned food left in very bright light will also have a similar experience as when stored high. In a nutshell, temperature fluctuation is unsuitable for canned foods, as it is not advisable to leave them sealed in freezing temperatures.

It is essential to store them in a cool, dry place, away from heat, sunlight, bright light, and the fridge or freezer.

Tips For Safely Storing Canned Foods

You need to be very sure of where you keep your canned foods or emergency foods as the temperature in your home can fluctuate at any time.

Very hot or cold temperatures are not very good for canned goods as not only does it affect the food quality faster than it should, it can cause them to go bad faster. Here are a few tips you will find useful for storing canned foods;

  • It is essential to store your canned goods in a cool, dry area of your home, like your kitchen pantry.
  • You can also store canned foods under your bed, as that is one of the most incredible places in your home, especially if you stay in a small apartment or out of storage space.
  • Do not store canned foods in a damp basement or attic.
  • Make sure to place the old canned foods on the shelf so they can be used first.
  • Do not store them under the sink and in the garage.
  • Avoid storing canned foods in cabinets or cupboards directly above or below the stovetop.

How To Tell If Canned Food Is Bad

There are obvious ways to tell if a portion of canned food is bad, and they are as follows;

1. The Can Is Damaged

The packaging is the first indication that canned food is bad; you will have to properly examine the can to be sure there are no signs of rust, dents, or swelling. If there is, the food is bad and should be discarded.

2. Has A Foul Smell

Another clear indication of bad canned food is the smell; bad food will indeed have an unpleasant or foul odor. Once you notice this, discard or toss it away, as such a meal can cause food poisoning.

3. Discoloration

A color change is a possible sign of bad canned food. This is usually caused by bad storage of the canned food, especially when it is exposed to heat and sunlight or bright light.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what temperature do canned goods go bad?

High temperatures must be avoided when storing canned foods. Temperatures above 95-100 degrees F can cause damage to the quality of canned food and make them go bad quickly.

Can canned food be stored in a hot garage?

No, it is a terrible idea to store canned food in the garage because the garage is primarily hot, which can lead to the can rusting. Also, the heat can cause damage to the quality of the food.

Do canned goods go bad in heat?

Yes, canned goods can go bad if stored in an unfavorable environment. Temperature higher than 100 degrees F should always be avoided for canned foods.

Final Notes

Canned food may be long-lasting, but bad storage can negatively affect them.

Heat is one of the reasons canned foods can quickly lose their nutrients and go bad, it should be avoided, and canned goods must also be protected from other forms of heat, such as sunlight and bright lights.

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