Can You Bake In Copper Molds?

Can You Bake In Copper Molds?

Cookwares are an important part of cooking or baking. It predetermines a level of the obtainable- final result. It’s a case of what-you-put-is what-you-get. Do you ever bake with the correct utensils or use whatever is available worst still, whatever is clean?

There are molds, and pans made with different materials used for baking. One of such is copper. Usually, cookware made with copper is coated with other metals such as tin and stainless steel. 

You can bake with a copper mold, however, ensure it is coated. This is because copper can be leached into the pastry or what is being baked. This is a health hazard waiting to happen. Consuming copper is a NO as consumption can lead to an accumulation of copper in your body system.

The Good Thing About Copper Cookware

Baking utensils made with copper are generally available. They are better utensils when coated with tin or stainless steel.  Copper is not always a bad guy. It’s sometimes recommended because of its heat conductivity and the ability to keep food warm for some time.

And of course, there is the beautiful thing about copper cookware, a beauty for sore eyes. So if you are a chef or baker, cooper-made utensils aren’t a bad idea especially if they are coated. 

Cooper is generally an antibacterial agent as it is difficult for bacteria to thrive on it. 

Copper Molds, The Kitchen, And You

Copper molds should be handled with great care. Uncoated copper molds are not advisable to use for baking and general use in the kitchen. Copper itself is a heavy metal and should not be consumed.  Tin-coated or stainless steel-coated copper molds are better options.

One good reason for coating is the prevention of contact with food. Tin on the outer layer doesn’t react with acidic substances that might be used during baking. They are safe to use especially at a temperature below 450F (232°C). 

The tin-coated layer can wear off due to use. Once this is observed, it should not be used anymore except it is recoated.

Copper molds are usually best cleaned by hand and not with the dishwasher. They can be polished overtime to restore the shine. If the tin layer is wearing out, worry not. This can be recoated by the hand-wipe method or machine-lining.

Copper-made utensils have a tarnish tendency, so they ought to be polished from time to time.

Stainless steel-coated copper molds are usually resistant to rough handling. This means they can last long even with toughness here and there. Metal spoons and sponges can be used on them. 

How To Check What Your Copper Cookware Is Coated With

If you have an old copper pot and there’s an outer layer losing color evenly, it’s properly coated with tin. Tin has a duller appearance than stainless steel. 

In maintaining a tin-coated copper pot, one has to be careful, wooden spoons are the best to use with them as this makes them last longer. 

Tin is also not magnetic while stainless steel is. You could try with a magnet, if it sticks, it’s not tin. While some stainless steel is not magnetic, stainless steel gives a vibrant appearance and a sort of reflection than tin.

Buying A Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is usually expensive. So this means one has to be sure of one’s budget and the merit of use before purchasing them, especially if there are other cheaper alternatives.

Great care of such copper cookware is to be maintained. If you will have to get copper cookware, please consult with a professional or buy from a recommended store. It should be worth the purchase. Here’s one from Amazon we highly recommend.

Can I Cook In An Uncoated Copper Pot?

Cooking in an unlined copper pot has happened before. Where it’s not advisable to use for health reasons, it is still high in use. If this must be done especially where there are no alternatives, do not cook acidic ingredients like tomatoes in it. It’s safer to get a better alternative. It is better to stay away from an old uncoated copper pot.

What Are The Pros Of Cooking With An Uncoated Copper Pot?

An advantage of an uncoated copper pot is that it can be used to make jam, caramel, and some food toppings that require copper’s heat conductivity. Such food should be taken out of the pot when cooking is done. It should not be left in it. 

Can I Get Sick Eating Something Made From An Uncoated Copper Mold?

Eating from an uncoated copper mold regularly will make you sick. This may not happen immediately but an accumulation of copper leached into food in your body system is dangerous. This should be avoided. 

My Copper Mold Looks So Dull, What Do I Do?

There’s a tendency for tarnish or dullness with overtime use of a copper mold. What to do is to get it polished. The good thing is you can do it on your own. Polishing can be done with materials readily available in the kitchen. Materials such as salt, vinegar, sponge, and other materials.

Final Thoughts

As a saying goes, a good farmer knows his tools; so should a baker or a chef. As important as baking an amazing delicacy is, so is what you are baking it in.

Copper cookware is great to cook, baking, and even roasting because of how well they conduct heat. The possible health hazards must be considered before use. If possible, they should not be used uncoated to bake.

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