Breville Infuser vs Bambino Plus

Breville Infuser vs Bambino Plus

Breville infuser vs bambino plus: Which is better? When shopping for a new espresso machine or buying one for the first time, these two are often the suggested option. The breville infuser has always been the ideal option when looking for design, advancement, and practicality, the plus however is the superior option in that regard. Both will give you an excellent cup of coffee without any trouble.

The bambino plus comes with a solid feeling spouted portafilter and it is regarded as the model that’s been outpaced by the competition. The key elements that have to be in play when choosing an espresso machine are budget, the type of espresso drink you will be making, kitchen space, grinder selection, and the quality of the drink.

The Bambino Plus is our top choice when comparing it with the breville infuser. The features of a breville bambino are pretty basic but they provide you with professional coffee on all occasions. If you are a beginner both are highly functional but for a coffee maker that is more automatic in terms of milk frothing and coffee extraction then bambino plus is the handy choice.

In short, when you are shopping for an espresso machine, you have to pay attention to the material and brand. So what to do when evaluating an espresso machine from the same brand? Between Breville infuser and bambino plus, which is the best coffee maker? Let’s take a look at these two models and compare the two espresso machines.

Breville Infuser Review

Breville Infuser Review

The breville infuser is a popular espresso machine owned by the breville company and if you are familiar with their semi-automatic espresso coffee maker then there is a good chance you already know what the infuser has to offer.

The breville infuser is in no way a budget-friendly espresso machine. This machine is as efficient and beautiful, it is a solid compact espresso machine.

The infuser delivers optimal results every time you use and testing reveals that it is a great entry-level machine for anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly yet powerful semi-automatic espresso machine. Another great news is that with proper care and maintenance, this espresso machine can last 5 to 10 years.

Breville infuser is a compact coffee maker and it pretty much weighs 17 pounds in addition, you get their color options to pick from, these colors are stainless steel, cranberry red, and black.

Bambino Plus Review

Breville Bambino Coffee Espresso
Source: The Espresso Time

Bambino plus is another breville espresso machine that is highly rated. We tested this compact machine and find it to be a great choice for pro baristas and novices alike. Compared to other entry-level coffee makers, it has a more friendly and appealing design. Bambino comes with tons of automatic features that let you make the smoothest professional coffees anyone would enjoy.

Overall test done by avid coffee lovers indicates that this is an excellent machine that can cover all of your basic coffee needs. It is a reliable espresso machine and has lots of major plus benefits and it’s a great choice if you have plenty of space for a coffee maker.

Breville Infuser vs Bambino Plus: Differences

Both the breville infuser and bambino plus are great and very popular espresso machines from the same brand. The differences between these two are quite obvious in the design and size as well. If you are looking to get an espresso machine with lots of amazing features, it can be pretty hard to choose between an infuser and a bambino. Let’s analyze the key differences between the two below.

1. Milk Steaming

The infuser wand is fully manual while the bambino plus automatic wand heats and textures milk to your liking automatically.

The Breville infuser and bambino plus both come with a flexible steaming wand but the one in bambino plus is automatic while the infuser has a manual. Steaming milk in bambino plus is lots faster as the steam wand has higher pressure.

The milk steaming process is an important part of any coffee enthusiast and it can be frustrating when you get thick milk when making lattes or cappuccinos.

The infuser takes 58 seconds to reach a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius but the bambino plus is quicker, it reaches the same temperature in 40 seconds.

2. Heat-Up Time

The heat-up time for bambino plus is just 3 seconds while the infuser on the other hand can take a minute or two. If you are always in a hurry to get your coffee and go then bambino is the ideal choice. A minute is also a pretty much fast time for an infuser but compared to the really short time bambino offers, it is surely the winner here.

3. Utilities

You want a chance to explore as many features as you can on your coffee machine and this is how you know if it offers value for your money or if it’s appropriate for your household. Breville infuser comes with some unique parts like a customizable volumetric control which is for getting the right amount of filtered water, this can’t be found on bambino plus.

4. Pressure Gauge

Consequently, the pressure gauge on the infuser has been discovered to have more edge over that of bambino plus. The gauge on the infuser allows its users to continuously monitor the espresso extraction pressure so you can easily determine if the espresso is over-extracted or under-extracted.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is a vital function of your espresso machine especially if you want to keep it in good shape for a very long time. The breville infuser is more efficient when it comes to cleaning, it can be cleaned with a cleaning misc and tool. The trip tray also fills up quickly if you drink more than a few cups of espresso per day.

The breville maker also comes with all you need to clean and maintain it. There is also a self-cleaning milk steamer and you will be getting a stainless steel portafilter, drip tray, steam wand, and dual wall filter baskets.

Breville Infuser vs Bambino Plus: Similarities

Next, let’s talk about the similarities between infuser and bambino plus. The two espressos are quite surprising when it comes to their functions and one thing they do have in common is the pre-infusion function. The pre-infusion on this two-coffee espresso lets you create a perfect cup of coffee.

Another thing they do have in common is the dose control grinding, this enables users to get a consistent grind of the exact amount of coffee grinds. Both are powerful and efficient coffee makers, we find both machines to be standard espresso coffee makers.

Breville Infuser vs Bambino Plus: Which is Better

After going through the differences between the breville infuser and the bambino plus, choosing one can still be confusing for most people since they are quite great in their way. Breville is a reputed company known for the manufacturing of espresso machines so analyzing the best between this two was quite tough.

To compare and contrast the breville infuser and bambino plus based on their longevity, control, and price, the bambino plus is the best choice to go for. The bambino plus is lots smaller and can fit into any kitchen space and after testing on the steam wand, I practically found it to be winning in that regard.

Additionally, users will find the increased water capacity of bambino plus to be quite fascinating compared to infusers. You get quick heat time and the warranty period for bambino is 2 years while that of the infuser is 1 year.

Final Thoughts

The infuser is indeed a great solution for creating all types of coffee although it’s more expensive, its precision about water temperature makes it a worthy investment. Bambino plus on the other hand is small width-wise and one thing you will notice is the automation of the steaming wand which is cool.

The breville infuser is the best choice for a coffee drinker who wants a superior machine to the bambino in terms of durability, control, and espresso extraction, provided you are ready to spend extra to get this.

Choosing a coffee maker is never an easy feat but with the analysis made above, following the differences, similarities, and which is better, you should no doubt be able to choose one that works perfectly for you.

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