Breville Bambino Blinking Lights Explained

Breville Bambino Blinking Lights Explained

The Breville bambino coffee maker is a fantastic device to buy, and you can rest assured that you will only get the greatest coffee from it. Apart from the pleasure of having wonderful coffee from the Breville bambino machine, the Breville bambino machine has a lot of advantages.

The appliance has numerous functions, and you must understand what each one does and how to handle or care for them. These features also include various lights that serve as indicators for you.

While many individuals are familiar with the various lights, the blinking of these lights is a crucial indicator that many people misunderstand. What does it mean when your Breville bambino coffee machine is blinking? What should you do?

The blinking lights on the Breville bambino coffee machine usually mean one thing: it’s time to clean it. However, because the Breville bambino has multiple lights, the blinking of some of these lights could indicate various issues, depending on the model you use.

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The Breville Bambino Coffee Maker

The Breville bambino is regarded as a game-changer among coffee machines, you wonder why? This is because; the coffee maker allows you to enjoy quality espresso in your own home.

Although it is a pint-sized machine, it does work excellently and delivers high-quality espresso and latte. It comes with a lot of features, which allow it to deliver a great job, and among these features, are the light indicators which serve different purposes.

It can be confusing to a lot of people when they see their Breville bambino blink light for a while however, you do not have to worry so much about this. Blinking of light can either mean your device needs to be cleaned or could indicate some other problems. Find out what each of these blinking of light means.

1. Milk Temperature And Milk Foam Light

When the milk temperature and foam light blink, it means your steam wand needs to be cleaned. It’s natural for milk residue to accumulate in the machine over time following frequent use; however, this might cause issues when it clogs the steam wand.

To resolve this issue, simply select a cleaning tool with a pin, place the pin into the holes of the steam wand, and carefully slide the pins around. If the steam wand still appears to be obstructed after this, use the spanner in the center of the cleaning tool to unscrew the wand tip.

Allow the tip to soak in some hot water and clean the holes with the pin. Attach the tip back to the wand and try a steam cycle again. Your wand should be clean now and the blinking will stop. If there seems to still be residue in the steam wand, continue the process until it is totally clean.

2. Cup Blinking

When the 2 cup button starts to blink, there is only one explanation: your espresso machine needs cleaning and is due for a descaling. You’ll need to buy a descaling solution or some white vinegar to descale your espresso machine.

To descale your machine, follow the steps below.

  1. Empty the drip and attach it back to the machine. Then fill the water tank with some water and add some descaling agent.
  2. Gently place a 4 liters container under the group head and steam wand, and then press the 2 cup and steam buttons simultaneously; this will kick start the descaling cycle.
  3. The descaling mode will stop once the machine is out of the water and the descaling agent. Remove the water tank, rinse and fill again with water along and return to the machine.
  4. Press the 2-cup button to rinse the machine. When this is over, fill up your reservoir and your machine is ready for use.  

3. LED Lights Blink 6 Times In 3 To 4 Seconds

All the lights on your Breville bambino blinking can only mean that your coffee machine lacks water in the water tank. Take out the water reservoir, fill it up with water and place it back in the machine.

Your machine will get back to work.

4. 1 cup and 2 cup light blinking

When the 1 cup and 2 cup button begins to blink simultaneously, and then this is an indication that your machine needs some cleaning.

Follow the steps below to get this cleaning done.

  1. The first thing to do is to get a cleaning disc and cleaning tablets. When this is done, insert the cleaning disc into the filter basket in the portafilter, then put 1 cleaning tablet into the indent on the cleaning disc.
  2. Lock up the portafilter into the group head. Take the drip tray out, empty it and keep it at the back of the machine. Put about 2 liters container on the drip tray, right under the steam wand. Then, take out the water tank and fill it up and place it back into the machine.
  3. Press both the 1 cup and 2 cup buttons for about 5 seconds to enter the cleaning cycle mode. You can then press either of them to begin the cleaning process, it’s okay for the light to blink while the cleaning is on. When the cycle is done, you can be sure the blinking will seize and you can begin to use your coffee machine again. Ensure you clean the portafilter, the cleaning disc, and the tray.

5. Single And Double Filter Size Light Blinking

Filter (single and double) Blinking is typical; if it happens, it could indicate a problem with the component of the machine that stores the beans. It’s possible that it’s not properly maintained or that the grinder chute is clogged.

All you have to do now is clean the hopper, which you may do by following the steps below.

  1.  Get the hopper out of the machine; you can unlock it by turning it counterclockwise. Get every bean out of it and return it to the brewer, then lock it back. 
  2. Run the grinder, now that the hopper is empty, this will get out every grounds that is caught up in the machine.
  3. Unlock the hopper again, and get it out. Remove the upper burr; you can do this by turning it anti-clockwise, and then pulling it up. Pulling it up will also expose the lower burr, when they are both exposed, you can begin cleaning. Ensure you clean the top and lower burr as well as the chute.
  4. Place back the top burr, and locks, and do the same for the hopper.
  5. If the problem persists, you can contact a technician to check your machine.

6. Power Button Blinking

If your power button light begins to blink, it only means that the espresso machine is heating up and working accurately.

Once the temperature is stable at the right temperature, it will stop and be stable.

Final Thoughts

It’s not a problem for your Breville Bambino coffee machine to blink. You only need a few skills to be able to handle this. If you try any of these instructions and they don’t work, you should contact Breville for assistance.

This will prevent you from causing damage to your machine or overspending.

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