12 Baking Substitutes for Yogurt

12 Baking Substitutes For Yogurt

There have been questions on whether there are better replacements for yogurt in baking recipes since it is one of the most common leavening agents available. We have discovered better and healthier alternatives to yogurts in baking recipes.

Some substitutes are diary-free and are suitable for individuals on a weight loss or gain diet. 

The yogurt substitutes we suggest in this guide provide creaminess to your baked goods, making them come out fluffy and moist. In addition, some alternatives have flavors that may complement your baking mix to create a mouth-watering taste for your baked treats.

When added in the right quantities, these substitutes would produce results similar to yogurt

The baking substitutes for yogurt we recommend are buttermilk, condensed milk, mayonnaise, butter or margarine, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, heavy or whipped cream, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew cream, silken tofu, or soy milk.

This article contains basic information about yogurt, tips before choosing a yogurt alternative, and all you need to know about the perfect substitutes for yogurt in your baking recipes.

Yogurt Nutrition And Basic Information

These are the nutritional elements in every 100 grams of yogurt you consume. Every 100 grams of yogurt contains 59 calories.

Nutritional elementGrams Daily value
Total fat0.4 g0%
Saturated fat0.1 g0%
Trans fat regulation0 g 
Cholesterol5 mg1%
Sodium 36 mg1%
Potassium141 mg4%
Total carbohydrate3.6 g1%
Dietary fiber0 g0%
Sugar3.2 g
Protein 10 g20%
Vitamin C0%
Vitamin D0%
Vitamin B65%
Cobalamin 13%
Source: USDA

What to Consider Before Using A Yogurt Substitute

These tips would guide you in choosing a perfect alternative that would suit your baking recipes

  1. Determine if the flavor of the alternative considered would complement your baking recipe. For instance, if you do not appreciate the taste of plant-based ingredients in your baking mix, then vegan substitutes should not be considered.
  2. For lactose-intolerant individuals, ensure the product chosen is a dairy-free product.
  3. Individuals on a low-fat diet are advised to consider vegan substitutes. The vegan substitutes provided are highly nutritious.
  4. Ensure that the quantity of the substitute added to your baking recipe matches the amount of yogurt you would have used in your baking mix. This ensures you get the desired texture and flavor in your baked treats. 

12 Substitutes For Yogurt When Baking

We have provided easily accessible and homemade alternatives to yogurts in your baking recipes. We have taken into consideration lacrosse-intolerant individuals and vegans. 

1. Buttermilk

Source: CafeDelites

Buttermilk is a commonly used baking substitute for yogurt. Since it is a common culinary ingredient, it is most times available in your home. If you run out of yogurt, buttermilk can be your next option to leaven and moisten your baked goods. Like yogurt, buttermilk adds creaminess to your baking mix, especially when added in the right quantity.

Buttermilk when added to your baking mix, creates a tangy flavor that would complement your baked treats. Buttermilk is most times purchased from grocery stores, but it can be homemade as well.

For homemade buttermilk, you would need any kind of milk with at least a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar depending on the quantity to be added to your milk. Replace one cup of yogurt with one cup of buttermilk. 

2. Mayonnaise

Although not popular, mayonnaise is suitable for substituting yogurts in your baking. Its acidity content makes it a good option in your baking mix. Mayonnaise is a good moistening agent and increases the texture of your baked goods. For a fluffy texture, mayonnaise is your perfect go-to.

They are mostly used for bread recipes. Mayonnaise would not only complement the flavor of your baking mix but would also increase the richness of your baked treat. Replace one cup of yogurt with a cup of mayonnaise. Like most substitutes, mayonnaise can be homemade.

All you need is an egg, lemon juice or vinegar, oil, and salt. When blended with the appropriate measure of ingredients, you would have perfectly homemade mayonnaise. 

3. Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk
Source: Times Food

Condensed milk is another suitable substitute for yogurt in your baking recipes. Although condensed milk is not as creamy as yogurt, it is a good moistening and emulsifying agent. When using condensed milk, be cautious about additional sugar since condensed milk already has a naturally sweet flavor except you have a sweet tooth.

In addition, before adding it to your baking batter, mix the condensed milk with a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to create a tangy flavor.

Allow the mixture to sit for at least 5 minutes before incorporating it into your baking mix. If you do not need a tangy flavor for your recipe, you can simply thin your condensed milk with water, so it can appear like regular milk. Use a 1:1 ratio when substituting condensed milk for yogurt in your baking recipe. 

4. Butter or Margarine

Butter or margarine are alternatives to yogurt in your baking mix. Due to their creamy texture, they easily increase the moisture and fluffiness of your baked good. Their flavor also complements your baking mix.

Before adding them to the baking mix, it is not necessary to melt them.

All you need to do is whisk your butter or margarine into your baking mix. If you are lactose-intolerant, butter may not be a good option for you so just go with margarine since it is not a dairy product. You can make use of vegan butter if available. Replace one cup of yogurt with 1 cup of butter or margarine.  

5. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a good replacement for yogurt in your baking recipe.

Their creamy texture amplifies the moisture and texture of your baked treats. You can use cottage cheese in your baking mix regardless of the version it comes in. Cottage cheese comes in whipped, creamed, lactose-free, and other varied versions.

Due to their low-fat content, they are mostly recommended for individuals on a weight loss diet. Since cottage cheese lacks the acidity that yogurt possesses, you can add a table of baking soda to your cottage cheese before incorporating it into your baking mix. Replace one cup of cottage cheese with one cup of yogurt. 

6. Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese
Source: I Heart Naptime

Cream cheese is another dairy product suitable for replacing yogurt in baking recipes. Cream cheese is suitable for individuals on a low-fat diet.

Cream cheese comes in different flavors that may alter the taste of your baking batter, but they are perfect for increasing the smoothness and fluffiness of your baked goods. They are mostly used in cookies recipes. Cream cheese can be homemade.

Soften cream cheese before incorporating it into the baking mix; this helps quicken up its baking speed. Bear in mind that baked goods made with cream cheese as the substitute for yogurt tend to become firm faster than those made with yogurt.

Asides from using cream cheese as an alternative for yogurt, you can also use it to frost your cake. 

7. Sour Cream

Sour cream is one of the most common alternatives for yogurt in baking recipes. since it has a creamy texture similar to yogurt, it is a perfect agent for leavening, moistening, and emulsifying the ingredients in your baking mix.

With sour cream, your baked goods are sure to come out extra fluffy. When added in the right measure, the tangy flavor of sour cream can complement the flavor of your mix.

On the other hand, it could ruin the flavor if you go overboard while adding it. Replace one cup of yogurt with one cup of sour cream. Sour cream contains higher fat content than yogurt, so it may not be suitable for individuals on a strict diet. 

8 Sour Cream Substitutes For Baking

8. Heavy or Whipped Cream 

This is another perfect substitute for yogurt in your baking recipe. Its creamy texture makes it a good moistening agent for baked goods. Before using them in the baking recipe, you may have to dilute them a little before incorporating them into the mix, but it is not compulsory.

In addition, add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to recreate a sour taste similar to yogurt in your mix.

Since heavy cream does not have a very sweet flavor, you can increase the sugar content in your baking mix as you desire. Heavy cream or whipped cream can be homemade. Whole milk and melted butter are the only ingredients you need.

Whisk both ingredients and what you’d have is fresh heavy cream. If you would rather use whipped cream, whisk, whip, or beat the heavy cream you get desired texture. 

9. Almond Milk

Almond milk is a common option for vegans. The plant-based milk is a perfect substitute for yogurt in baking recipes. Almond milk is mostly used in fruit recipes.

In addition, they are suitable for those on a low-fat diet or are lactose-intolerant. Although almond milk is not as creamy as yogurt, its high liquid content is perfect for moistening baked goods.

Note that almond milk has a nutty flavor that may alter the original flavor of your baking mix. Unlike other yogurt substitutes, almond milk is quite expensive. However, almond milk can be homemade. Mix almond milk with lemon juice before adding it to the recipe.

Replace one cup of yogurt with one cup of almond milk in your baking mix. 

10. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk or Yogurt
Source: Alpha Foodie

Coconut milk is a common vegan alternative to yogurt in baking recipes. coconut milk has a creamy texture that easily leavens your baked goods. Coconut milk is highly nutritious and is suitable for almost everyone. Coconut milk comes with a natural flavor that may alter the taste of your baked treats. 

They are suitable for fruit-based recipes such as coconut bread or coconut cakes, but they are suitable for other recipes. mix your coconut milk with lemon juice or vinegar before adding it to your baking mix to create a tangy flavor.

Coconut milk is easy to make. all you need is coconut flesh, water, and a food processor. Blend coconut flesh to a smooth and sieve out the milk needed for your batter. 

11. Cashew Cream

Cashew Cream
Source: Detoxisinta

The sour and creamy texture of cashew makes it a suitable vegan replacement for yogurt. Cashew cream contains nutritious healthy fat. it is a perfect alternative for making your baked treats turn out extremely moist and fluffy. Cashew cream is often homemade.

Raw cashews, water, and a little salt are the ingredients you need for cashew cream. Soak your raw cashew before use to make them extra juicy.

Blend the raw cashews with an adequate amount of water. Use this creamy mix in your baking batter.

With cashew cream, be prepared for an altering taste and aroma that may complement your baked goods. You are advised to be cautious about the quantity, so you do not ruin your baking batter. 

12. Silken Tofu or Soy Milk

Silken Tofu or Soy Milk
Source: Homemade Baking

Silken tofu is a dairy-free replacement for yogurt. Silken tofu is one healthiest alternatives to yogurt in the recipe.

This dairy-free product is high in protein, calcium, and vitamin B1. In addition, they are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. You cannot use silken tofu in its raw form, you would need to make it into a puree before incorporating it into your baking mix.

Like most substitutes, add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar before adding to your baking mix. They are perfect moistening agents for your cakes, muffins, and pancakes. Replace one cup of yogurt with one cup of pureed silken tofu or soy milk

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I substitute milk for yogurt in baking?

Yes, you can substitute milk for yogurt in baking. When replacing yogurt with milk, you would need to add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to create a tangy flavor similar to yogurt. After mixing, allow it to sit for about 5 minutes before incorporating it into your baking mix. Any kind of milk is suitable for replacing yogurt. 

What is a substitute for Greek yogurt in baking?

Substitutes for Greek yogurt in baking are sour cream, buttermilk, and cottage cheese. Although these substitutes are not as creamy as Greek yogurt, they are suitable alternatives to Greek yogurt in your baking mix.

What is a non-dairy substitute for yogurt in baking?

Nondairy substitutes you can use for your baking are almond milk, coconut milk, vegan cheese, soy milk, cashew cream, and silken tofu. All these substitutes are suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant individuals. 

Final Note

In baking recipes, there are some fantastic and healthier alternatives to yogurt. Any of the options we’ve mentioned can be used in place of yogurt.

Although the texture and flavor of these substitutions may vary, they will fulfill the same functions as yogurt in your baking mix. To achieve the desired outcome in your baked goods, it is recommended that you use a suitable amount of substitution.

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