Apple and Pear Honey Crumble with Toasted Almonds

Optional Vegan, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free


Ok, I’ve finally accepted it. It’s officially winter now in Sydney. I may or may not have attempted to hang on to Summer for a little too long this year. I may have bought a bikini yesterday. And a pair of shorts. But to be fair the warm weather lasted for ages! There were a few chilly nights, where I insisted on wearing summer clothes and ended up having to shelter under my taller friends’ armpits for warmth. But all in all this Autumn was rather balmy. 

It’s strange how in Sydney no one really accepts that it gets cold in Winter. All through Summer everyone’s super prepared with their chilled watermelon and beach trips, but come winter literally no one knows how to act. No one even owns proper coats, let alone umbrellas or *gasp* thermals. For the first time ever last night I actually used the heating in my room, thinking, “hmm. 28C seems like a pretty nice temperature.” One hour later I woke up sweaty and panicked, dopey from all the gas in my room. I had to crawl to the remote and turn the heat down. I had to crawl.


So today this is my slightly better remedy for winter. Everyone knows the best part about winter is the dessert. It must be warm and it must be served with vanilla ice cream. Otherwise the criteria is pretty vague. We had a whole bunch of pears and apples sitting in the fruit bowl and at first I was going to make a pie, but who has time for that?! Also, I wanted to eat this particular dessert for breakfast. This was also why I made the crumble in individual bowls, so that no confused lost soul would accidentally think I made the crumble for sharing purposes. 

I decided to try some new flavours in the crumble as a little experiment, and they worked so well I knew I had to post the recipe. The cinnamon and honey go so well with the pears! I literally couldn’t stop eating it. But the flavour that worked best was the oranges I squeezed over the fruit to stop it going brown. We had heaps of oranges as well and I juiced a couple to stop the fruit going brown as I took photos. Holy moly! It made the filling so much better! I would possibly vote this crumble one of the best I’ve ever tasted. 

Remember to serve with ice cream. And you should probably wear woolly socks whilst you eat it, preferably whilst watching Brigitte Jones Diary. But it’s up to you 🙂

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 Apple Crumble with Honey and Almonds:

6 medium firm apples, peeled and sliced 

6 medium firm pears, peeled and sliced

juice of 2-3 medium oranges

1 heaped tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp runny honey, or maple syrup for vegan

For the fruit filling, combine everything in a heavy bottomed pan and cook, covered, on a low heat for about 15 minutes, until the fruit is soft but still holding its shape. Preheat the oven to 160C (320F). 


For the crumble:

50g butter (vegan butter or coconut butter can be substituted for vegan) chopped 

100g wholemeal flour (almond butter for gluten free)

100g gluten-free oats

40g toasted almonds, chopped roughly

2 tbsp raw sugar 

25ml almond milk

Rub the butter and flour together in a bowl between your fingers until the mixture is crumbly but not doughy. Stir in the rest of the dry ingredients until combined. Pour over the almond milk and chop through the mixture with the spoon until everything is lightly crumbly. 

Spoon the fruit into an oven proof dish (or around 6-8 small ones). Cover with the crumble and bake for half an hour, until the top is toasty and golden and the fruit bubbling. Serve warm with ice cream.


29 thoughts on “Apple and Pear Honey Crumble with Toasted Almonds

  1. I love the picture of the pears! Crumble is such a delight. We’ve been eating it daily the past week, and we don’t even have the excuse of cold weather. And I too ate some for breakfast yesterday. Cold crumble and yoghurt at 9am – living the dream!

  2. Did you say pear/honey crumble + Bridget Jones films??? Ok, when do I have to come over???? This looks like the most perfect winter dessert oh yum! I love that ice cream on top!

  3. I am assured it is 1C outside here in Norther Tasmania. Perfect weather for crumbles and I have a bowl of apples that are begging to be made into something like this. I might have to knock up some custard to go with as I haven’t got the fixings for good ice-cream on hand at the moment. Love the crumble idea and the way that you make it, it’s not so humble any more 🙂

  4. Lilli, it’s funny you should say this about the weather here in Australia (I’m in Perth). It’s so beautiful during the day with bright blue skies and warm temperatures, but the nights here are FREEZING … and where is your central heating in this country? I don’t get it at all. Hubby and I have bought an electric blanket now and that’s helping but …. brrrrrrr! I think there is a perception here that Australia is a hot country, but actually, not always!
    Anyway, enough ranting. I LOVE those last few photos of yours of the fruit against the black background. The crumble sound beautiful too, of course. Lovely combination of flavours and a lovely nutty crumbly top!

  5. A crumble is one of my favorite easy to make desserts! I love your photos. The people here seem to not want to accept winter weather. I have seen kids at school in shorts and flip-flops when it is 30 degrees F. It can be snowing and they act like it is summer. I too much of a cold wimp. I always have some type of jacket with me.

  6. It’s summer here (sort of, it’s a very overcast, windy summer)…it always surprises when bloggers in the Southern hemisphere talk about winter during the Northern hemisphere summer. I love crumbles, especially apple ones – and especially with yogurt on the side.

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