Summery Green Smoothies

Raw, Vegan, Refined Sugar and Gluten Free


 I finally did it! I’ve jumped on to the green smoothie bandwagon. I know, I know. Green smoothies are so 2013. But if it helps, I actually made this smoothie way back when in November last year! I’ve been away so long I haven’t posted it until now. How’s that for a time warp! Helloooo from the paaaast. There’s only so many stunning photographs of fresh, healthy looking green smoothies a person can take before you absolutely have to try making one. Even if it does look like Shrek’s pond juice.

I decided to play it safe for my first foray into green smoothies and look at some recipes. They all seem to follow a similar guideline, but one helpful person (which I’ve completely forgotten where I read it…I’m sorry!) warned against diving into green smoothies head first. So I decided to leave out the cucumber and celery and avocado for the first time. Instead this green smoothie is packed full of baby spinach, kale and a big handful of mint. Yum!!
This green smoothie was so so good. It was rich and creamy from the coconut juice and flesh, plus the whole banana. Lots of recipes said to use frozen banana, but I would instead suggest just a very cold banana and an ice cube or two. When you freeze and then defrost bananas they lose their creaminess and become kind of…weird. Watery and super runny. Great in a banana bread, gross in a drink.

You could get a bit creative with this. It’s a very simple recipe! I used mango and banana as sweeteners but you could use apple if your blender was powerful enough, or add in some berries (they might make it go brown though). Try throwing in a couple of dates or agave nectar for a sweeter breakfast experience. Add chia, chopped nuts, pineapple, whatever your heart desires. And tell me how you go with that celery…
Try and use organic greens in these smoothies, not just because they’re good for the environment! They’re also better for you. I’m conflicted about buying organic because it’s unsustainable on a large scale, but chemicals are so yucky and just bad for our bodies. When you’re drinking something as healthy and antioxidant packed as a green smoothie, I feel like you just have to go organic. It’s just one of those things.

And if you can’t get your hands on a whole coconut, using just coconut water is fine. (Not coconut milk. Ew). If you can, cut off the top and put some of that coconut meat in the smoothie! By the way does anybody know of an adjective describing the inside of a coconut that isn’t “meat” or “flesh”? It’s just creeping me out… so meaty. Enjoy your green smoothies! Perfect for a new year.
Green Breakfast Smoothie:
1 cup baby spinach
1 cup de-ribbed kale
handful of mint (don’t leave out the mint!)
1 banana from the fridge
half a mango
1 whole coconut, juice and flesh, or one cup coconut water
a few ice cubes

Blend everything together in a powerful blender. (If you don’t have one, borrow your friends. You can’t really make the greens break down in a piddly blender) Drink while it is still cool, or store in the fridge for an hour or two.

14 thoughts on “Summery Green Smoothies

  1. This looks like shrek diarrhoea’d, ate it, then puked into gingy’s face. And why are you so against the word ‘meat’??? You clearly eat it and are a fake vegan #fegan #fegan #fegan. DAIRY QUEEN BIATCH.

  2. I love this recipe and pictures! As Josefine said the simplicity here is beautiful 🙂 I think they look quite appetizing too – I had a smoothie for breakfast that had kale and blueberries in it and it definitely looked like swamp juice! Yours looks really refreshing and lovely!

  3. LOVE this!! beautiful pictures as always dear! 😉 Since we bought the nutribullet blender, I am a heavy user of green smoothies. I was scared the first time, thought the veggies would be overpowering, but not at all, especially spinach, is super neutral. Thanks for sharing your recipe – love that you are using the whole coconut!! yum! do you have a tip how to open that thing?? 😉

    • Thank you so much! I love using baby spinach as you can hardly taste it! I need to get a blender like that so I can make these in no time at all 🙂 I just get the biggest knife we have and make four really decisive swings around the top but also a screw driver seems to work well haha 🙂

  4. I need to jump on the green smoothie bandwagon as well. They just look so refreshing and delicious! Yours came out amazing, I love the color!
    Hope you’re having a nice week! x

  5. Thank you for confirming my doubts about freezing bananas. I’ve heard several people suggest it, but I’ve always been so hesitant, I never tried it. I’ve never made a green smoothie, maybe it’s time for me to join the bandwagon. I tend to make green soups, instead. I must say you’ve encouraged me to try…have a great day!

    • Hi Liz!
      I’ve never tried a green soup before except for broccoli but that could be a really great idea to try out! I’d never tried green smoothies either but it was super refreshing and tasted awesome so definitely have a try one day! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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