Sweet Plum Jam

Gluten Free
IMG_3601 In the dying days of spring I made a final market trip. The yellow blushing peaches and delicate nectarines had disappeared, replaced with red apples and hard, green pears. In the stand that just one week ago had been bursting with juicy purple plums, there was only one tray left. 
IMG_3623 This plum jam is the final jam of spring. It is sweet but also tart from the bitter skins. It is a deep, dark red. I have it on toast, with cut up banana on top. It is the perfect topping for scones as well though, or dolloped on yoghurt and muesli in the morning. Sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon, or ginger. Today it is plain old plum.
 IMG_3632 Ingredients:

1 and a half kilos of red plums

600g sugar

src=”https://sugarandcinnamon1.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/img_3645.jpg?w=650″ />

Cut your plums into small pieces and macerate in the sugar for at least one hour. Put your sugar and fruit in a heavy-based pot and cook over a medium heat for one hour, until the jam thickens and the fruit breaks down. It is done when a small dollop is placed on a cold plate, left for 3 minutes, and then run through with a finger to form small wrinkles. This will make 4-5 medium to large jars. Just fill as many as you can well and seal, then eat what doesn’t fill a jar within the week. Keep refrigerated. IMG_3645

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