June and Some Favourite Things


 Some of my favourite bloggers do a monthly roundup of their favourite things they’ve discovered in the previous weeks. I always think they’re great, because you discover all these awesome songs/books/blogs and random ideas that otherwise would of just been forgotten. And you learn more about the person who’s blog you’re reading as well! Now I’ve discovered it’s the perfect solution to exam week when you have no recipes and no photos to share, and nothing coming up in the foreseeable future :) So here are some of my favourite things of the month (starting with star anise, one of my favourite spices at the moment).

This beautiful Galette makes me miss Summer so much

This song

And this song

And this whole beautiful album but mainly this song

I’m going to make a vegetarian version of these dumplings! IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN 

I can’t even deal with how beautiful these look

And this whole beautiful blog but especially this chai

I’ve read this book from cover to cover about 10 times now and already tried two recipes  

And I read this completely different book and first hated it, then started to love it, then I cried a bit

And finally buying bulk chocolate in 2.5kg blocks and chopping off shards with a giant knife xx


6 thoughts on “June and Some Favourite Things

  1. Oh! I looooove buying bulk chocolate and chopping off shards with a giant knife! It gives me that special feeling that it’s more than just chocolate. Something like more official and better suited to bake with? Kind of weird.. but I absolutely agree that it’s a favourite thing! (:

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